Sunday, February 1, 2009

Tips for quick documentation

1. Hold "option" key down, cursor turns into PLUS, click on any function/method/arg etc.. to display xcode doc for that item.

2. Turn on research assistant to display window that presents docs, args etc.. for whatever item you select in the editor.

Another tip is to use Open This Quickly. This feature allows you to go directly to any header file or symbol name by typing its name and from there directly to the Xcode documentation for that symbol.

I have set command-D to Open This Quickly. The default is a little different and I prefer it this way.

Usual action is this

Cmd-D and the Open This Quickly window opens
Type a header file name or symbol name, say UILabel.h
Hit return and the header file opens

If I type a symbol name like say sizeWithFont it opens the header file that holds that symbol and selects it. I can then use option-double-click to open the Xcode docs for that symbol.

Also, if you put the insertion point in the name of a header file and then hit command-D the header file will open.


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